Creativity Development Workshops

Develop Your Creativity  .  Build Creative Confidence  .  

Enrich Your Life and Work



Our Purpose

Is to inspire and develop your inherent creativity through hands on workshops.

Our Workshops

Will provide you with simple exercises to help you tap into your dormant creative abilities and build your creative confidence. The workshops provide the time, the setting, and quality materials, allowing you to experiment and exercise the under-utilized right side of your brain. By the end you will have tools to help you access your unique creative voice.

The Right Setting

As adults, we fear criticism, and therefore will not take creative risks. Our workshops promote a non-judgmental, open, celebratory setting (no critics allowed!) and provide simple exercises that help you tap into your creative self.


We come to you with our portable studio, and everything you need to have this creative experience. We only require that you have the space, tables to work on and an open mind.