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The Workshops:
Our portable creativity development workshops, led by artist facilitators, are designed to build your mental agility, imagination and creative confidence. Workshops vary from one hour in duration up to a half day, full day, or a two-day retreat. We also offer a series of four one hour workshops.

We’ve developed some unique exercises that help you access your own creative voice. We encourage non- goal oriented, creative time where”thinking with your hands” opens up new neuro-pathways in your brain. Each exercise builds on the last one, and by the end of the workshop you will have work that reflects your unique creative voice.

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Custom Class:
Customized to suit your theme. Choose your medium, class length, and give us a theme. We’ll create a workshop, or a series of workshops for you.

Collaborative Sessions:
Would you like to add a creative component to any of your training and development? We’d love to work with you and come up with a unique creative element to add to your session.

We can also customize a themed retreat for your group. You choose the duration, location, and theme, and we’ll set it up.

Workshops can include: collage, drawing, painting, mixed media and creative writing to stretch your right brain and access your creative voice.