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Here's answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • What is a Creative Revival art experience?
    Easy, fun, art projects in a variety of mediums, including painting, printmaking, collage, creative writing, sculpture, decoupage, and mixed media. Each month we present different specific projects and themes. Each workshop offers a three hour, one-off, make and take project. We supply all the materials and instructions. In our workshops, you will: Confront the fears, myths, and self-criticism blocking your creative expression and creative confidence Raise your creative voice Discover and strengthen your creative thinking and expression Discover the many benefits of creative expression, including How it aids empowerment, right brain strengthening, mental health, general well-being, and more!
  • Who are your workshops for?
    You don't have to be an artist! What attendees have in common is the desire to challenge themselves, to discover, and to explore their creativity and learn about their creative blocks, in a relaxed, fun, non-judgmental environment. Most feel they are not creative at all, but come away with a seed planted in their mind about their under-used creativity, as well as tools to grow and strengthen it. It's for folks who are interested in personal growth, those who are bored, curious, or looking for more meaning and interest in life. Ultimately our Winnipeg art workshops are for people looking for an enjoyable and beneficial learning activity.
  • Where are your art workshops located?
    We host our workshops from our studio at Artlington Studios, 618 Arlington Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Artlington Studios is a beautifully renovated, historic sewing factory in central Winnipeg. It's now home to a multitude of artist studios, and even a gallery! The building features original design elements with reclaimed materials like vintage doors, wrought iron gates, tin tiles, stained glass, and delightful antiques lining the ceilings and walls.
  • How long are your workshops?
    On average, our workshops run for a 3 hours. Occasionally, we host some special all-day events that last 6 hours. For more information, please check our Upcoming Workshops page.
  • Who teaches your workshops?
    Our Winnipeg art workshops are hosted by Carmela Wade (BA, BFA) and Sandra Brown (BA, BFA). We are both practicing mixed-media artists on a mission to share our creative methods to help inspire others to encounter and gently foster their innate creativity. We've designed special projects and instructions to guide even the most reluctant "non-creative" people.
  • What methods are used / What happens in your workshops?
    As practicing artists, we regularly take time to play. This critical creative process involves lots of experimenting. We gently guide you through each step of a project, while allowing each participant to playfully experiment and make their own creative choices. We've designed beginner friendly, hands on, projects in a variety of mediums to create an experience that gently guides you to your own creative voice, and ensures success for everyone. Each person ends up with a result different from other attendees - an expression of their unique creative voice. We use quality supplies that give attendees the best experience with the materials, and allow them to learn to find and use them on their own. We create a judgement free, non-competitive environment where participants are allowed to play without criticism - of self or others. These are baby steps that guide you to your own creative intuition, and with practice, build up your confidence in that voice.
  • What are the benefits of your art workshops?
    The benefits of Creative Revival Company art workshops are numerous: Exercises the right side of your brain, by opening new neuro-pathways Strengthens problem-solving skills Develops the ability to deal with uncertainty Improves general wellbeing and mental health Helps generate original and innovative ideas Fosters independent thought Builds confidence in your uniqueness - and your ability to express it Alleviates stress Alleviates boredom Is a positive outlet for expression
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