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See what others are saying about our workshops.

Ingrid D.

Creative Revival art workshops offer so many different and fun projects! I don’t consider myself artistic or creative, but Carmela and Sandra always make me feel like I am! Sometimes I even surprise myself with how nice a project has turned out. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon/evening and a great place to meet new people! I love the space and there’s always a pot of coffee on and some yummy treats!


For anyone who’s interested but hesitant, I say just do it! You won’t be disappointed!  So much fun exploring and experimenting with lots of neat art materials and making things I would never have thought of making myself!  I truly enjoy every workshop I’ve been to and look forward to the next one.

Sheri T.

Creative Revival Company = fun! 

I have been attending these creativity workshops for many years and I so appreciate Sandra and Carmela's support, friendship & creativity. They are the most encouraging and enthusiastic art workshop facilitators! There is always something new to explore and create. They are also so open to new ideas, and they never seem to mind me veering from the art 'plan'!

Bev M.

Coming from a non-art, non-creative background, I was initially worried about what a Creative Revival Company workshop could offer except confirmation that I was not artistic or creative!  It did not take long for my firmly held beliefs to be disproved.  Under the gentle and knowledgeable guidance of Carmela and Sandra I was able to tap into a part of my brain that I never knew existed!  Not only did I leave my first art workshop feeling encouraged, I felt there was much to learn and experience in the area of creativity and art.


I was fortunate to be able to attend many workshops, experience new hands-on activities, and learn so much about things I had never taken a previous interest in.  My attendance at Creative Revival Workshops has given me the confidence to try creative activities in many other areas, such as watercolour and acrylic painting, and pottery.  I have recently moved and miss being able to attend the Winnipeg art workshops.  Creative Revival Workshops are a treasure,  one that I highly recommend to everyone, even if you think you aren’t creative.  (p.s. you are mistaken!)

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